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Poor me, poor me, pour me another shot of Whiskey …

May 9, 2009

Dollhouse poster…bartender, hit me one more time.”  Yes, yes. I know.  I am a genius.  More Whiskey please! And more Dollhouse!  O.K., I would like to take this opportunity to say that this has been a great season, though much too short.  I was already a huge Joss Whedon fan before Dollhouse, and now I am even a bigger fan (is that possible?).  Dollhouse exceeded my expectations, and my expectations were very high, so yay!  I have loved it from start to finish, every moment.  Shut up Dollhouse haters!
Keep on reading for my recap and thoughts on the Dollhouse finale, “Omega,” aired 5/08/09:

  • The episode begins with everyone reeling from the aftermath of “Briar Rose.”  Saunders calls for help for Victor.  Oh, my poor sweet Victor.  Dr. Saunders to Topher: “He asked me if I always wanted to be a doctor.”  A very guilty-looking Topher: “Well, who can fathom the mind of a crazy person?”  Oh, Dr. Saunders is sooo Whiskey!  Dr. Saunders: “Maybe the people that made him that way.”  However, as we will later learn, that logic does not apply.  Alpha was bat-shit crazy before he even entered the Dollhouse.  Adelle really needs to ensure a stricter screening process.  This week’s lesson: Don’t imprint sociopaths with untested technology.

    • Meanwhile, Alpha and Echo, or Bobby and Krista (Crystal?), are in a stolen car acting crazy and trashy. It seems that they went on a little shopping spree, and brought the sales-clerk a long with them.  Trashy Echo rebukes the poor girl for not putting her “tasty couture” top in the bag.  Hee.  Yes, I know that kidnapping should not be funny, but see what the Whedon brain does to us? Also, interesting to note: during this scene Alpha is totally disturbed–his personality is constantly switching.  More crazy fun to come.
    • Flashback to sometime earlier: Alpha and another active are out on assignment together, but they have gone off book.  Adelle and Topher are concerned, and the handlers are sent out to collect the dolls.  Adelle: “How potentially lethal would you say these imprints are?” Topher makes a sort of shrugging “they are very potentially lethal” face, and we cut to a bar/club.
    • Good choice of music for this scene. There is a woman out of focus in the background dancing.  When I first watched the episode, I assumed that she was Echo, and that this job must have been how A and E fell in love.  I was so wrong.  Alpha (or Bobby) is in the midst of terrorizing a man in a chair, who it turns out is the client.  Yes, he paid for this deranged fantasy, but he got more than he asked for.  Finally the man spills: “You’re not real … You think you have a doomed love. .. You’re not even in love.” The man says that he just wanted to have fun.  Alpha awesomely delivers: “Are you having fun, Lars?”  O.k., what movie is that from?  Comment below. Anyways, Alpha is sure of his love for Krista/ Crystal, and calls her over.  Dun, dun, dun.  It’s Whiskey/ Dr. Saunders/ Fred/ Amy Acker.  Woo hoo.  And let me say, she really embraces the role here.  The scene that follows is disturbing, featuring a very sexualized form of torture. ‘Nuf said. Finally, the Dollhouse team blasts its way in. Whiskey’s handler asks her if she wants a treatment. She says yes. Alpha responds a little more snarkily, but also stands down at the treatment offer. Flashbacks=Awesome. Amy Acker as Whiskey=Awesome.  Flashback +Amy Acker = Awesomest to the power of 10.
    • Stupid Paul–don’t worry, I will stop calling his stupid soon–learns about Alpha.  He finally realizes the import of what is happening, but it does take him several scenes of confusion.  Adelle is pissed that Paul brought Alpha into her house “to defile it a second time.” I love the way she talks. Paul says that he will escape, because Alpha figured out a way to escape.  Adelle pointedly declares, “Alpha’s a genius.”  Hee. The group learns that the building is shut down because someone called in a bomb threat. The monitor features a bunch of FBI, including Badger/ Romo Lampkin (Mark Sheppard).  Yay!  Firefly reunion. Paul goes out to deal with the situation. Yay!  Now it’s a BSG reunion!  I love this show.
    • Topher comes in to tell Adelle that that Alpha took all of Echo’s imprints.  Uh oh.  What does he have planned.
    • Cut to Alpha’s lair. Scary. Trashy Echo is hilarious.
    • Meanwhile, Saunders cares for poor Victor.  He asks, “How can I be my best now?”  Whiskey replies: “You can’t be your best. Your best is past. Your past you can’t even remember. You’re ugly now, you’re disgusting.”  Ooh, someone has issues.
    • Cut to flashback of the Dollhouse, during the Whiskey days.  We learn that Whiskey used to be the number one requested doll. Then stupid Echo comes in to ruin it. (After seeing the rest of the episode, I feel bad for saying that, as that is crazy Alpha logic.  But also kind of true.)  Caroline pre-mind wipe is checking out the dollhouse. Adelle repeats the 5 years line. Yeah, yeah, but there are so many other issues involved in this job that you are not mentioning.  Lying liar who lies.  Alpha looks on, entranced.  He says, “She’s sad.”  Whiskey replies, “Dr. Saunders is nice.” Such a philosopher she is.
    • Back in the present: Paul enters the chair room.  “So this is it. This is where you steal their souls.” Topher: ” Yeah, and then we put them in a glass jar with our fireflies.”  Classic.  Souls in jars?  Fireflies? Ridiculous ;D  I can’t even express how much joy that line gives me.  Topher wonders, “Why is there a tall morally judgmental man in MY imprint room, besides him (Boyd)”  Hee.  Topher only has room form on tall morally judgmental man-friend, and that position is fillled. Paul is startled when Sierra and November walk in.  Don’t look forward to more of them, because those scenes were cut.
    • Cut to Wash’s makeshift dollhouse. He continues to switch between different personalities.  Oh, frak.  I keep on calling him Wash.  Alpha!  Alpha! He imprints the poor shop-girl with Caroline’s personality.
    • Flashback: Alpha kisses Echo when they are both in their doll-like state. “I like you, you’re special.”  Hmmph.  Alpha’s handler tells him to watch his step. Which he does, literally. Creepy Alpha.
    • Back to current day chair-room, as N and S are imprinted.  Boyd: “Topher said it’s like childbirth. I think it’s more like watching them die.” He’s a cheery one.  Sierra wakes up and flirts with Paul.  Who wouldn’t.  November wakes up soon after.  They’re bounty hunters.This would have been a cool storyline, but unfortunately, all their subsequent scenes were cut, so this goes nowhere.
    • Back to Wash.  Agh!  Alpha. He’s having major issues. Trashy Echo tells “Bobby” that he’s scaring her. Alpha assures her that “There’s only one person who can hurt you now. Only one person.”
    • Meanwhile Topher and Paul are trying to figure things out.  Paul wants to know who Alpha went after first. Topher explains that it was random, but Paul knows better. Topher says that Paul can’t profile Alpha because he’s not a person, … he’s people.”  We learn that 48 complete personality got dumped in him at once.  Nice. Topher remembers that Alpha smashed himself first.  Oooh, the plot thickens. Always room for self-loathing. Alpha found the imprint of his original self and he smashed the hell out of it.  Topher then goes to look for Carolines original self.  Smashed. And Alpha has the original.  Yeah, catch up people.
    • Back to the crazy lair: “Hello Caroline.”  (That actress is so familiar.)  “Has it been five years?” Ha ha, dumb trashy Echo is hilarious. She makes a little wave at Caroline. Alpha introduces Krista/Crystal to Caroline. Caroline: “I want my brain back. I want back in my brain.”  Hee.  Alpha argues that Caroline is at fault: “Because she abandoned you. She walked out on you when you needed her most.” Ooh, I like this perspective. Alpha continues to chastise Caroline: “She left you to the jackals, to the wolves, to the predators.”  Caroline says that she is “Confused.”  Echo pipes in: “I’m with her.”  Hee. Alpha tries to convince Echo that Caroline is the enemy.  “You are her. But you don’t have to be. You can ascend. You can evolve … She was never there when you needed her, but I was.”  Hmmm.
    • Dollhouse flashback: Alpha, Echo, and Whiskey are trimming bonzai trees in their doll-like states.  Whiskey’s handler and a colleague discuss how popular Whiskey is.  She is the number one requested doll, she keeps on being sent out on engagements, blah blah blah. Alpha gets a funny look on his face and turns to Whiskey: “Whiskey, let Echo be number one.”  Slash slash slash.  Now we really know what caused Alpha to snap.  It wasn’t the composite event, it was his own base personality.  More on that later.  Also, this makes Saunders’ comments earlier this season even more telling: “It’s not always good to be the best,” and so on.  Security drags Alpha to a Treatment, but it all goes horribly wrong. For some reason, Topher plans to imprint Alpha with 48 different personalities.  However, he struggles and there is an accident of some sort. Wow, I didn’t realize that by “compostite event” they meant actual event.  He didn’t just access those personalities, Topher imprinted them in him … on purpose.  The Dollhouse really is its own worst enemy. Alpha get up out of his chair and kills his handler by gouging out his eyes (very Caleb–another Buffy AND Firefly shout out).  Then he kills Dr. Saunders.
    • Back to the present.  Paul is confused (what else is new). Topher: “Of course it doesn’t tell you anything. It doesn’t tell me anything and I’m smarter than anyone in this room.” Adelle makes the most hilarious expression in response to this comment, prompting Topher to add, “… but less scary.”  Ha.  Topher and Adelle think that Alpha’s prior life is not relevant. Wrong!  Paul: “I don’t think that you can wipe away a person’s soul.”  Boyd backs Paul up.  Topher: “Good luck with the whole god thing.”  Hee.
    • Back to the evil lair. Krista/ Crystal: “He’s going to make me a superior creature. An ascended being.” Echo’s tone is hilarious. Caroline: “Look where you are. You’re in a lair. An evil lair. And you’re sitting in a messed up dentist chair letting some guy attach wires to your head. Which, incidentally, is MY head.” Haaaa. Also “ascend” again. Hopefully not into a giant snake … Alpha mumbles: “A blood ritual. Yes. We have to have one of those … The ancients had it right. But the old gods are back … Alpha, meet Omega.”  Alpha proceeds to give Echo all her previous personalities/ imprints.  When it’s done, she jumps up out of the chair pissed. Caroline: “Oh God.” Alpha: “Oh gods.”  Oh, Battlestar.  Hee.  Echo says that she gets it. “Now I understand everything.” But then she attacks Alpha, not Caroline. Yay.
    • Adelle informs the boys of Alpha’s original name: Karl William Craft.  Paul: “Three names, always ominous.”  Hee.  Maybe I should stop using my middle name. Anyways, we learn a little history. When the Rossum Co. began, some of the actives were recruited from prison. Alpha’s original prison sentence was shortened in exchange for joining the Dollhouse. He was in for kidnapping and attempted murder. The only reason he didn’t kill anyone was because the victim got away. Living victim: of you go boys.  And I will say it again: don’t practice your crazy mind experiments on sociopaths.  Such things do not end well.
    • Back to the evil Lair.  Echo is pissed that Alpha wanted her to kill herself (here is where pronouns get sticky).  Echo: “Her is me, you made that very clear.” Alpha: “No, her is the old you. Try and keep up.” Hee. Echo: “Oh, I’m way ahead of you. You think we’re gods.” Alpha: “We’re not just humans anymore. We’re not multiple personalites, we’re many personalities. Though one of my personalities happens to be a multiple personality. I’m looking for a little nuance here.”  Alpha says Nietzsche predicted the rise of the ubermensch. Echo retorts: “New superior people, with a little German thrown in. What could possible go wrong?”  Hee.
    • The stupid fire alarm in the nearby building is going off.  Sacrilege.  How can these idiots disturb my Dollhouse viewing?!?  Learn how to use a stove people.
    • Back to the show: Echo and Caroline talk. Echo wants to know why Caroline left her.
    • Cut to the adventures of Paul and Boyd.  They go to see Alpha’s first victim.  Boyd makes a little quip that, “There’s always a girl.” Hmmm. Alpha’s victim has cuts like Saunders; she’s also sort of a Dushku type.
    • Alpha and Echo fight.  Faith, I mean Echo, is in full Slayer-mode.  Woo hoo.  Echo: “I may not know who I am, but at least I know who I’m not. I’m not your girlfriend.”  Hee. Echo asks Caroline if she is o.k.  Caroline: “Yeah, I kick ass.” Hee. Caroline says that they have to put her back in the wedge,so that they can return poor Wendy to her body. Echo invites her to come back into the Dushku, but Caroline is worried about her contract.  Echo: “I have 38 brains, not one of them thinks that you can sign a contract to be a slave. Especially now that we have a black president.”  Caroline: “We have a black president? O.k., I am missing everything. Let’s do this.”  Ummm, a little heavy-handed, but I appreciate the sentiment.  Uh oh.  Alpha shoots Caroline in the neck. Sad.  This isn’t Lost, so I think that she’s really dead.  Alpha takes Carolines imprint wedge hostage: “Now do what I say, or I’ll blow your brains out.”
    • Meanwhile, Topher goes through imprints, checking to see what Alpha took. Boyd calls.  He tells Topher that when Alpha was a civilian he abducted a woman and she escaped, somewhere in San Pedro. He wants to know if Alpha ever went there on assignment. Topher says that he did–he slipped his handler. It was during a double mission with Whiskey 1.1.  Topher figures out that Alpha is using an old Whiskey imprint on Echo. Whiskey is listening behind the door. Uh oh. Don’t let Whiskey go crazy and die.  At this point, I was really thinking that Whiskey would die, and that Victor would become Dr. Saunders.  Thank goodness I was wrong. Echo: “Whiskey. You cut up that girl because of me.”  Alpha: “For you.”  Echo refuses to take that crap.  Go awesome Echo. She’s in total slayer-mode. Alpha shoots Echo in the shoulder.  Bad Alpha. Boyd and Paul then arrive.  Alpha shoots at them.
    • Stupid fire alarm … still. Agggh.
    • Alpha drops Caroline’s wedge, but Paul saves her. Awww, he finally did something right. Yay! This is where Sierra and November were supposed to come in, trying to capture Alpha, but the scenes were cut.  They should be on the dvd though, along with the mythical 13th episode (starring Penny from Dr. Horrible).  I’ve already, bought my copy, have you?
    • Back to the Dollhouse.  Whiskey is standing in front of Topher’s computer.  She figured it out. She tells Topher: “I think you gave me more computer skills than would be required by a medical doctor. It was very easy for me to hack into your system.  I guess I see why … but why did you think it was so important to make me hate you.” Topher is ashamed. Your take?  I think it was out of guilt.  Topher: “You didn’t open it?”  Whiskey: “No.”  Topher: “But aren’t you even curious to see who you really are?”  Whiskey: “I know who I am?” What!?!?!?!  Theories? Thoughts?
    • Adelle’s office.  They lost Alpha? I feel that I missed a scene.  Or several.  Adelle: “We’ll find him.”  She has faith in her “new contractor.” We learn that Paul is the new contractor.  He made a deal to work for the Dollhouse in exchange for one of the doll’s release. She will be freed, paid, and released from her contract. It’s November.  Tears. Sorry I doubted you Paul.
    • Echo wakes up from the chair.  I really wish we saw another scene with her.  In my mind, she wanted to return to the Dollhouse, to help find Alpha.
    • Victor and Whiskey have a sweet little scene.  She give him a lollipop. I’m very concerned for Whiskey’s mental health.
    • Bye bye November. Please come back next season in some way.  I’m definitely a Miracle Laurie fan now.  Paul asks her her name.  It’s Madeleine.  Paul says that he’s nobody. And she walks out the door.
    • Topher is visibly upset. No enthusiasm for the usual lines. Echo sees this and comforts him. Poor guilty Topher. She touches his shoulder and heart.
    • The final scene of the episode features Echo going to sleep in the pods.  She says “Caroline.”  Hmmm.
    • Grrrr arrggghh.
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