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“Why is everybody on TV hallucinating?”

May 10, 2009

I randomly came across a hilarious article on HitFix (a blog which I had never before read), about the recent trend towards hallucinating characters on all our favorite TV shows.  It’s hilarious.  Daniel Fienberg writes: "As I understand it, the rule has always been that one time is a happening, two times is a coincidence, three times is a trend.  Last week, by my very unscientific count, at least five characters on shows that I watch regularly found themselves hallucinating, with four of them having conversations with said hallucinations.  That goes beyond trend into a full-blown outbreak, TV’s spring equivalent of the swine flu …"  Hee.  He ends his post by stating,"Maybe next May, though, TV’s writers won’t have this collective hallucination at the exact same time. How about a spate of musical episodes next time, guys?"  I second that motion.  More musicals, less hallucinations.  While they’re at it, put the kabosh on pointless dream sequences.  Check out the link below for the full post.

Why is everybody on TV hallucinating? on Hitfix

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