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Lost: “Follow the Leader”

May 13, 2009

As always, don’t read any further unless you are caught up on the latest Lost episode, aired 5/06/09!Kate.Lost

In preparation for tonight’s two hour finale (woo hoo!), I will just list a few of my thoughts on last week’s ep.  Sorry that I couldn’t do the full recap, but time was severely limited, and I didn’t even watch the ep until Sunday.  Here it goes:

  • I thought I might have gotten over my Kate hatred, but it was back full force in this ep.  Ugh!  When she stalks off angrily to go back to Dharmaville, here were my thoughts: Really, Kate? You’re gonna turn your back on the frakin’ hostiles who have guns POINTED AT YOU in order to rush back to the place full of Dharma people who also recently TRIED TO KILL YOU?  Geez.  What an idiot.  She’s lucky that she has a guardian angel (demon assassin) looking out for her, or she would have been dead.  When the gun fired, I really thought that she was dead, and I was not sorry at all.  While I was thrilled to see my favorite torturer’s return, I was actually disappointed that he saved Kate.  If he had only known that Kate had sabotaged his latest assassination attempt, he might have acted differently.  See, this is why we need more communication on the island.  Also, this demonstrates another example of the trend for murderers to run off exultant without actually checking to see if their victims are dead.  I didn’t peg Sayid as a Dr. Evil type, but if the shoe fits … Also, it seems that Kate is the only woman immune to the “women die around Sayid” rule.  Clearly, he’s not in love with her.  Thank god! (Disclaimer: Evangeline Lily is lovely and a talented actress, and my hatred of her character do not reflect any actual dislike for her as an actress.  Some assembly required and batteries sold seperately.  Side effects include …)
  • My favorite moment of the whole episode was Jack’s smile when Sayid came with him through the water tunnel.  “He likes me, he really likes me!” was the cartoon thought bubble above Jack’s head.  Awww, he actually has a friend.
  • Also, I loved Dr. Chang’s questioning of Hurley regarding his birth date, etc.  “Wait, there wasn’t a Korean war!”  Hee.  “Who’s president?”  Hurley caves.  Hee.
  • Oh, and back to the Kate-bashing.  She just had to ruin the amazing Sawyer-Juliette moment by coming onto the sub!  Why did she go and get herself captured?  If Juliette gets killed in Kate’s hair-brained scheme, I will be pissed (more than I already am)!

Update: Some discussion of the two hour finale is going on in the comments below.  Check it out or avoid it, depending on whether you’ve seen the finale.

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