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Lost Season Finale: “The Incident” Part I

May 14, 2009

Warning: Stop reading if you have not seen the two-part Lost season finale, aired 5/13/09!Sawyer reading

My first reaction when the episode ended was a mix of frustration, disappointment, and eye-rolling.  However, the more I think about, the more awesome the episode as a whole was.  It was just the storyline involving the bomb that was frustrating, and most especially the final scene. A white flash?!?! Seriously?!?!  What kind of craaaap is that?  And Juliette’s death?  See my previous posts for my thoughts on that.  For weeks I said, “Juliet’s gonna die, and Sawyer’s gonna cry.”  Yes, that IS exactly what happened.  To clarify, I am not unhappy that what I predicted came to pass, but rather that the-crappy-thing-I-predicted-but-most-definitely-didn’t-want-to-happen-because-it’s-stupid-and-clichéd happened.  And Kate is still alive!  And Jack blew up the bomb for Kate?  Except his logic is crazy troll logic … more on that later.  O.K., here is my live blog, edited with comments:

  • The episode opens on someone weaving. Jacob? Is he the Penelope of this Odyssey?  Hee.  Sorry, ancient history humor. The unknown man (but we all totally know it’s Jacob) goes out to the beach to collect a fish. Cool trap. Why didn’t the Losties think of that. It would have made things easier.  There’s a ship in the distance.  Is that the Black Rock?!?  I think so.  The clothes that Jacob is wearing are old-fashioned, but his hairdo is decidedly not.  What gives?  Methinks time-travel is afoot.  Another man approaches (wearing a dark shirt in contrast to Jacob’s white shirt) and they argue. Jacob: “It only ends once. Anything that happens before that is just progress.” Other guy (let’s just call him Esau):”Do you have any idea how much I want to kill you?” This scene takes on so much more meaning once we have seen the end of the episode.  Stay tuned. Ooh, the statue is in the background.  As fans have theorizes, it is some sort of Egyptian god (Anubis?) holding an ankh.  Significance?
  • Flashback.  Ooh, it looks like Iowa.  Yay it’s little Kate. Awesome. This is pre-awful Kate, back when I loved her. You know, when I first started watching the show, Kate’s flashbacks were my faves (before flashbacks meant showing that awful 3 years in L.A. that sucked). Oh and that’s her poor friend who died. Ooh, she shoplifted. It’s the little lunchbox that she and Tom bury the time capsule in.  She gets caught. Typical. OMG Jacob buys the lunchbox for her!!! “Be good Katie.” She didn’t quite take that advice, but to be fair, he didn’t say “Don’t murder your father.”  You have to be clear with children.
  • The submarine in the ’70s: Kate wants to get off the sub. Sawyer asks why she’s there. She explains that Jack wants to blow up an H-bomb. Sawyer is gonna pass. Bravo! He was happy in Dharmaville, etc. “If Jack wants to blow up the island, good for Jack.” Hee.
  • Meanwhile, Jack and company are standing around Jughead.  It’s weighs like a million tons, so they can’t carry it out.   Sayid explains that nuclear core is enough. Richard is the only sane one and is concerned for the health of Eloise’s baby. They overrule him.. Ooh, Richard should just use his secret superpowers on them.  What do you think they are?
  • Radsinsky (oh, how much I hate him) confronts Chang. Radsinsky makes a faulty analogy to Edison. Stupid Radsinsky. Why does everyone just listen to what the psycho says?  All the Dharma people just roll over in the face of his tyranny.
  • 30 years later: Queue the awesome finale music.  I just love Lost‘s score. Ben explains some of the technical aspects of Jacob’s job versus that of the leader.  Jacob is “in charge” while the leader’s job is “very temporary.Ben admits (or lies, you can never tell with him) that he has never met Jacob. Hmmm. More wizard of oz allusions.  Richard stares at Locke until finally Locke calls him on it. Richard says that he’s never seen anyone come back to life. Um, I have, at least 4 times on this show. Keeep up Richard. Locke points out the irony of that statement, as Richard is immortal.  Richard explains, “I’m this way because of Jacob.” Hmm. And Locke is too?
  • Ilana and company drag Frank after them.  A red-shirt says, “He didn’t know the answer to the question.”  Ilana still thinks he might be useful.  Unknown red-shirt: “What, do you think he’s a candidate?” Hmmm. Candidate for what? Frank: “So do you smack all your friends with a rifle, shove ’em on a boat, and kidnap them.”Only the ones we like.” Hee. The creepy people show Frank a cargo box. When they open it, Frank sarcastically says “Terrific.”  We don’t get to see what is in the box yet though. (Whisper: it’s John Locke!)
  • Flashback time!  There is a funeral, and omg it’s little Sawyer!!!  It’s his parents funeral.  Poor baby. What? Jacob is there too!!! Can he time travel? Or did he plan everything along the way, and was always there? Comment below with your theories.  Jacob comforts little James, who is in the process of writing THE LETTER. Awesome! An unknown adult (uncle?) tells Sawyer to let it go.  “What’s done is done.” James lies, promising not to finish the letter. Adults are dumb.
  • Big Sawyer: Juliette once again takes action. “Do you wanna help? Or do you wanna stay here and wine about it?
  • Bomb crew: Richard tells Jack about Locke coming to the camp. Richard says that Locke never seemed particularly special. Ouch.  Jack says that he shouldn’t give up on him. Awww. What a long way we have come.
  • 30 Years Later: Locke and Ben talk. “I’m not gonna kill Jacob, Ben. You are.” Dun dun dun.
  • Flashback!  Sayid and Nadia. OMG, this is when she dies.  She was run over. Sayid was distracted by Jacob who asked for directions. An homage to J.J.?  Although, it wasn’t a bus this time.
  • Bomb crew: Ellie demands to go first. Richard knocks her out. He’s protecting her. Jack and Sayid, toting the bomb, hide in Dharmaville in plain sight, wearing their Dharma jumpsuits. But Ben’s dad sees Sayid and pulls a gun. Sayid is shot! Jack is really upset and kills (?) Ben’s dad. His only friend! He is pissed and goes into Terminator-mode, shooting everyone.  Was Jack always a crack shot? Yay, Jin and Hurley drive up! They’re awesome.  It’s not a complete Lost season without Hurley saving Sayid in a Dharma van, right?
  • And speaking of Terminator, it’s a preview for Terminator: Salvation!!!  Can’t wait!
  • Sub: Kate, Sawyer, and Juliet escaped from the sub and are in a boat. They wish that they had a compass.  When they reach the island, they run into Rose and Bernard!!! So they are in the 70s! They are pissed to see their old friends. What?
  • Back to the Dharma van: Poor Sayid. Miles: “Yeah, let’s pull over and get shot.” Jack gives him hope. He’s all faith and optimism now.
  • Rose and Bernard have been hiding out. I feel like this is just to spite Jack of the Jay and Jack podcast! Since season 2, he has argued that Rose and Bernard work for Dharma, as a crack-pot theory.  Then, when the Losties went back it time, it seemed like his prediction would crazily come true.  But no, the writers let everyone else work for Dharma EXCEPT Rose and Bernie. Slap in the face. Ha ha. “It’s always something with you people … We travelled back thirty years in time and you’re still trying to find ways to shoot each other.” Hee. Rose and Bernie are o.k. with dying as long as they’re together. If this show ends with everyone dying together I will be pissed … or maybe o.k. with it, the more I think about it. Living alone sure mellowed the old couple.

    O.K., I gotta take a break.  I will post part II as a separate post.  Comment below!

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