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Lost Season Finale: “The Incident” Part II

May 14, 2009

Sawyer readingWarning: Stop reading if you have not seen the two-part Lost season finale, aired 5/13/09!

O.K., here’s the second half of my live-blog, edited with comments:

  • Ilana, Frank, and company walk through the jungle. Ilana’s group claims that they’re the good guys. Yeah, yeah. That’s what they all say. They arrive at the cabin. Uh oh. Look at the ash. Run!  (My fear of a possible bomb turned out to be unfounded; nevertheless, when you see a creepy uninhabited cabin in the woods, the general rule should be to RUN!)
  • Flash back of Ilana in all kinds of bandages. Jacob visits her!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Craziness. He speaks in her language, whatever it is. He needs her help. Hmmm. (That makes sense later)
  • Back to the cabin in the present day: Jacob is not there. Someone else has been using it. Ilana asks them to burn it. Frank points out the fire safety problems. I love Frank. They ignore his sage advise and walk away. They are definitely NOT the good guys.
  • Flashback!  Jacob is reading a book (Flannery O’Connor: Everything that Rises Must Converge). Anyone know if the title is significant? Behind him, Locke just got thrown out of the window. Jacob walkes over, very calmly, and touches Locke;  Jacob tells Locke that it will be alright. Did he heal him with his special powers?  Hmm.  Discuss below.
  • Current Locke (or should we say Faux-Locke and company find the door to the hatch. He wants to ask Ben something.  Ben replies (awesomely), “I’m a pisces.” Ben wants to know about when Ben brought him to the cabin.  Ben explains that was lying–talking to an empty chair. He was too embarassed to admit the truth. He didn’t want locke to know, so he lied. That’s what he does. “Alright then.”  What? Alright then?  Locke lists the many terrible things that Jacob has allowed to happen to Ben.  So, is Ben Job? Locke: “The question is, why the hell wouldn’t you want to kill Jacob?” Ben really looks like this is the first time he has thought about this. Meanwhile, Sun is walking around the old camp, and finds Charlies ring. She remembers her wedding.
  • Flashback! Sun and Jin are just so gorgeous it’s unbelievable.  Sun reads her vows.  Then Jin pulls out his written vows. It’s adorable, and I don’t even like weddings. I always get teary in Sun and Jin flashbacks.  Love those two.  Which brings up my major disappointment of this finale: no Sun and Jin reunion!  They’ve been apart ALL season.  Boo. OMG, Jacob shows up. He speaks Korean too. Sun asks who Jin who the unknown man is.  Jin replies, “I don’t know, but his Korean is excellent.” Hee.
  • Dharma Van: Sawyer, Juliet and Kate are standing in Jack’s way. Why, again?  The characters’ motivations are unclear at bestin this ep.
  • Mambo Italiano plays in a visa commercial. Hee.
  • Fabulous score plays as the Hostiles in present day arrive athe the 4-toed statue. Locke:  “Well, it’s a wonderful foot Richard, but what does it have to do with Jacob.”  My thoughts exactly.  Hee.
  • Back to the dysfunctional love quadrangle: Sawyer asks Jack for five minutes.
  • Ooh, Jack flashback. It’s been awhile. He’s operating. He cut the dural sack (spelling?). This is the incident he tells Kate about in the pilot!!!  Awesome. Christian tells Jack to count to 5.  He counts to 5. Woo hoo.  I love call backs to the pilot like this. After the surgery, Jack tries to by an Apollo bar (!!!) in the vending machine, but it gets stuck. He’s pissed. Christian tells him that the girl’s in recovery. Jack tells his dad that he embarasssed him. Shut up Jack. That was NOT a time out stupid-head.  Jacob saves Jack’s candy bar! His superpower?
  • Back to the 70s: Jack and Sawyer “talk” it out.   Sawyer says that he could have stopped his daddy from killing anybody, but “What’s done is done.” Jack says that it doesn’t have to be that way. Sawyer: “I don’t speak destiny.” Hee. That’s why I love Sawyer. Sawyer asks Jack what he wants. Jack says that he had her and he lost her. Kate?  Yeah. Sawyer points out the obvious: “She’s standing over there on the other side of those trees. You want her back, just go and ask her.” Then Sawyer punches him in the face. Jack puts up a pretty good fight. Good for Jack. Ouch.  Sawyer just kneed Jack in the ba**s. Sawyer starts strangling Jack and then starts beating the *#** out of him. It’s interesting–despite my newfound love of Sawyer, I was totally rooting for Jack in that fight, and pissed at Sawyer for hurting him so bad.  Juliet (finally) walks up, and says that Jack is right. A little late to the party. She changed her mind.
  • Cue Juliet flashback: 2 girls sit on a couch, talking to their parents.  The parents are divorcing. It’s Juliet and her sister; Juliet runs off upset.  Significance?  Hmmm.
  • Present/ 70s: Sawyer is confused.  Juliet says that she changed her mind when she saw Sawyer look at Kate. She uses some of that crazy troll logic Jack is so fond of. “If I never meet you, then I never have to lose you.”  Then Kate (finally) walks up to Jack. Where was she during the fight? She reminisces about their first meeting. Jack asks why she made him promise to not ask about Aaron. She says that she was just so angry with him for making her come back. Not as intriguing as fan theories speculated, but I’ll take it.  Guess, it was a bad directorial decision. Kate and Jack finally agree–Kate’s with him. Hmm.
  • Flashback: Hurley being released from prison. Hurley says that it is a mistake, because he killed a bunch of people. The cop is not sympathetic.  The scene is hilarious.  Hurley goes outside to get in a cab.  Ooh, it’s Jacob again. They share a cab. Hurley says “I killed 3 people, but not really. I guess they figured that out.”  Hee. Jacob reveals that he was waiting for Hugo. Hugo thinks that Jacob must be dead. Jacob says that he’s not. He wants to know why Hurley won’t go back to the island. Hurley says that he’s cursed.  Jacob thinks maybe it’s not a curse.  Hurley: “Sure it’s wonderful. Except for the part where I’m crazy.”  Jacob says that he’s not crazy. Hurley: “Who are you dude?” Wouldn’t we all like to know. Jacob gives him the flight info to get back to the island. As Jacobgets out of the cab, Hurley says, “You forgot your guitar.”  Jacob: “It’s not my guitar?” Hmmm. What’s in that guitar case!  I need to know!  Damn show is making me wait until 2010.
  • Back to the 70s: Jack sure is bloody.  Bad Sawyer. Jack and co. agree to let Jack do what he wants. Jack goes off on his own? Hmm.  Kate is so gonna follow him. She tends to do that when she’s not invited. He tells Sawyer that he’ll see him in Los Angeles. I think not.
  • Locke and co.: Ben, Locke, and Richard go into the temple. Richard doesn’t want Ben to come but Locke insists.  Locke calls Richard on his bullshit: “I’m beginning to think that you just make these rules up as you go along.” Hee. As they all walk in, it occurs to me that Locke always gets someone else to do his dirty work. Ben is Sawyer 2.0. Locke asks if Ben will be able to do this? Ben takes the knife. Hmmm. Will he kill Locke or Jacob?
  • Back in the 70s: Miles points out that Jack may well cause what he’s trying to prevent. Silence. “Oh, I’m glad you all thought this through.” Hee.  I love Miles. Sawyer asks Juliet what they should do (because she’s the boss of him). She says “Live together, die alone.”  Meanwhile, Jack is hiding in the bushes outside of the Hatch construction. He watches as Radsinsky yells at everybody. Again, why is everyone listening to Radsinsky and Phil?  Phil sees Jack and shoots. Jack shoots back, with better results. How did Jack become such a great shot again? Van drives up with Kate shooting. Guess they took the opposite of Miles advice. Even Miles joins in in the shooting.  Lots and lots of shooting. Sawyer knocks out Radsinsky and captures Phil … again. Duh. Those guys are wimps. Jack throws the bomb in, and Juliet and Sawyer sadly smile at each other. They are crying, and everyone is freaked out to the max. But nothing happens. Sawyer: “This don’t look like LAX.” Crazy magnetism begins pulling everything metal down the shaft. Chang’s hand/ arm is crushed–guess we know why he lost his arm now. Miles goes to help him. Radsinsky runs off. Phil is an ass and pulls a gun on La Fleur, but he gets what’s coming to him.  Buh-bye Phil.  in all the flyig debris, a metal chain wraps around Juliet, and she gets sucked down the shaft.  Kate tries to pull her up, and then Sayer takes over. The chains are around her too tight, and the pull of the magnetism is too much. Damn, I predicted this shitty scene. She lets go to save him. She says that she loves him. Stupid show.
  • Back in the present, Ilana and posse arrive at the statue. “Which one of you is Ricardus?” It’s Richard, actually.” “What lies in the shadow of the statue.” He answers in latin, but it was too fast for me to catch.  However, I searched online and here it is: Ille qui nos omnes servabit. That translates as “He (that one) who will save us all.”  (But I’m not sure if that is right, because there seems to be some controversy about what latin words were actually said.  On the Jay and Jack Podcast, a viewer reported that the translation is “that which watched over us.” Either that person translated wrong, or the latin I found was transcribed incorrectly.)  Ilana opens the chest, and Locke’s body tumbles out. If this is Locke, who’s in there? Uh oh.
  • Cut to the temple of doom where Ben and Lock gaze at all the pretty decorations. Jacob is there. “Well you found your loophole.” “Indeed I did. And you have no Idea what I’ve gone through to be here.” Locke asks Ben to do it, but Jacob says that he has a choice. Ben’s pissed about being ignored. Oooh, Ben is driving the bitter bus. “Why him?” Ben asks “What about me?” Jacob: “What about you?” Cold.  Very cold. Ben stabs him, and Jacob says, “They’re coming.”  Faux-Locke pushes him into the fire. Hmm.  It seems that Lockeis really the dark-shirted Esau guy from the beginning of the episode.
  • Meanwhile, Kate and Jack drag the distraught Sawyer away, as all the metal falls on Juliet. The camera pans to her fallen body, at the bottom of the shaft.  Oh, she’s alive!  Poor thing. We have to watch her suffer. Oh, she’s gonna save them. She hits the bomb with a rock. Just as the bomb is about to explode/ is exploding, there is a white light and the episode ends. Hmph.  Lame.
  • Oh wait, there’s more.  Season 6 mini-mini preview.  Opens on Jack’s eye!

Don’t forget to click on comments below, to add your thoughts.  What did you think?

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