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Smallville Casting: Brian Austin Green Is Metallo

June 17, 2009     I just read some great casting news on  Brian Austin Green, our beloved Derek Reese, and all around awesome guy, has been cast as DC villain Metallo, in at least 2 episodes of Smallville, Season 9 (yep, seriously–season frakin’ 9 is actually happening!).  I’m excited to see BAG as a villain, and I think he will do great.  This is much preferable to previous rumors that he was offered a role on One Tree Hill (blech!).  I like OTH, for what it is, but BAG is too good for that show, especially after his awesome turn as the futuristic resistence fighter.  Who is Metallo, you ask?  Well, luckily for you, I have my handy DC Encyclopedia.  Metallo is a villain, and his real name is John Corben.  Here is the description of his special powers/ abilities: "Human brain housed in powerful robotic body powered by kryptonite; can morph into nearly any mechanical size, shape, or height; can project his consciousness into other technological devices, transforming them into an extension of his own body."  Awesome.  The shapeshifting ability kind of makes him like a liquid metal terminator, so that’s fun.  Supposedly his ultimate desire is the death of Superman.  Awww, I’m sure he’s just misunderstood ;D  After the disappointing end of Season 8, I wasn’t feeling so optimistic about the next season of Smallville; but with the introduction of the new villain Metallo, the tide has changed (But become Superman already, Clark!  Every season makes you appear dumber, and less of a super-hero.  Embrace your destiny already Kal-El!).

Smallville Casting Exclusive: Brian Austin Green Is Metallo – Today’s News: Our Take |

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