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Merlin: “The Poisoned Chalice” & “The Mark of Nimueh”

July 5, 2009

Warning: Spoilers for the two Merlin episodes aired 6/28/09!Merlin cast shot

Merlin continues to be magical and compelling. The actress who played Nimueh, Michelle Ryan (the star of the short-lived Bionic Woman, pictured below), was the perfect addition to the cast, as the evil and mysterious enchantress. I like Michelle a lot more in this role than on her previous show–she should play the bad girl more often. I also liked the hint of the back story between Nimueh and King Giles that was revealed. This helped us to better understand why King Giles thinks magic is so dangerous. Be that as it may, I was still yelling at my screen when King Giles insisted on “teaching his son a lesson” by letting Merlin die. Bad Giles. Thankfully, Gwen was there to save the day. She’s starting to grow on me. And she’s definitely growing on Merlin, who is completely smitten by her. It’s pretty adorable. Arthur and Morgana also have good chemistry, and I look forward to seeing their relationship grow. Arthur proved to be a more substantial character than previously. I really liked how his relationship with Merlin grew, and he was willing to risk his life to save Merlin. That’s all for now, as I am watching the latest episode, “Lancelot,” right now. If you missed the eps, click on the following link to watch on Hulu. Enjoy the show!

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