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Merlin: “A Remedy to Cure All Ills”

July 18, 2009

UtherWarning: Spoilers for the Merlin episode 1×06, aired Sunday, July 12th 2009.

Here is my live blog, slightly edited.  I forgot all about posting it until today.  Oops.  But at least it’s up before the new episode.  Enjoy!

  • We see a mysterious man with bugs in a box, and a scarred face. So, uh he’s clearly evil.
  • Eeewww, one of his bugs went into Morgana’s ear.
  • Love the music.
  • Morgana is ill, on account of the extremely gross bug that crawled in her ear. Gaius is unable to cure her. Ever the optimist, he reports: “She’s all but dead, Merlin.” Merlin wants to help with Magic. Oooh!Gaius reminds him of that whole Gwen’s dad debacle. Point made.
  • Scary man, who now looks like a woman (sorry, Mr. actor-man), comes to the palace to inquire about Morgana. Arthur shows unforeseen intelligence by not trusting the creepy newcomer.
  • I’m tempted by the fancy hanger commercial. I fight the urge.
  • Creepy bug man gets the king’s ear. King Giles somehow trusts creepy bug man. We learn that creepy bug man is named Edwin.

  • Edwin super -covertly cures Morgana, whom he made sick in the first place.
  • Gaius thinks something is fishy, and thinks maybe he treated Edwin as a young boy. I’m pretty sure he’s right.
  • Gaius asks for records from “The Great Purge.”
  • A creepy conversation between Merlin and Edwin ensues. Run away Merlin, run away!
  • Edwin has dinner with King Giles and talks about Morgana’s dreams. I forget the point of that.
  • Gaius confronts Edwin about his true identity. It turns out that his parents were sorcerers; he’s angry about his parents’ death. His injury was from trying to rescue them. Sad. Edwin blackmails Gaius by threatening to reveal Merlin’s magical powers.
  • Edwin tells King Giles that Gaius’ methods are outdated, etc. It takes the King about two seconds to turn against his old friend and replace him with this unknown newcomer. Not very kingly or Watcherly of him.
  • Uh oh, Edwin might be trying to kill King Giles!
  • Gaius and Merlin save King Giles! Yay, except the king is still a jerk.
  • Next week: Arthur is enchanted by an evil woman. What else is new?
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