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Merlin: “The Gates of Avalon”

July 20, 2009

WUtherarning: Spoilers for the Merlin episode 1×07, aired Sunday, July 19th, 2009.
Here is my live blog, edited with comments:

  • Arthur in the water drowning? Pretty girl? I’m confused–turned on the tv a bit late.
  • Arthur and Merlin embroiled in a sword fight. A sword fight? Oh my! Merlin uses magic to make a tree branch fall. Meanwhile, Arthur uses his blood, sweat and toil.  So unfair! If Arthur found out about how easy Merlin had it, he would be pissed. We see a pretty girl with jewelry in her hair. Her name is Sofia. Love the name. She is with her father, and their home was sacked. Instead of welcoming them to Camelot, King Giles asks them what they will do. He softens to say they can stay there … for a while, with an emphasis on the brevity: “break your journey,” as in don’t stay long. Hee. Love King Giles.
  • Merlin and Arthur have some male bonding time. A very weird conversation ensues In which Merlin pimps Sofia out to Arthur. Meanwhile, Morgana sees the girl from her dream and is suitably freaked. Reasonable girl. She goes to see Gaius. She tells him about the dream and the woman. Gaius: “The mind plays tricks.” Gaius says that she must be mistaken. Yeah, that’s likely. Gaius: “These are just dreams Morgana, nothing more.” Rather than helping the poor girl, he offers to drug her. He also warns her not to bother King Giles about it. Yeah, because he’d probably crucify her. Best not do that.
  • Sofia’s dad skulking in the night. He’s familiar? Actor’s name anyone?
  • Watchmen dvd commercial! I still have not seen it! Bad me. At least I read the comic.
  • Morgana has the dream again. I’m sure that she’ll be judged as a jealous silly woman (I’m right of course). Typical. The way Arthur says “Sofia” takes all the “Sofia” out of it. Merlin continues to urge Arthur towards the evil chick, with no thought towards Morgana.  Where’s the Morgana support?! Fickle friend.
  • Gwen urges Morgana to tell the king. I’d advise against it. Luckily, Morgana agrees with me.
  • Merlin lies to King Giles about where Arthur is. He gets yelled at. Hee. Mean King Giles has him put in a stockade to have vegetables thrown at him, and I wonder why he didn’t just hide from the king ( will continue to wonder that as the ep progresses).
  • Sofia starts putting a spell on Arthur … so it seems. Then they are attacked, by unidentified men? Hmmm.
  • Merlin says that it wasn’t his fault, when it SO WAS, for encouraging the weak-minded Arthur. Hmph. Gaius is suspicious of the talk of love at first sight. Finally. Gaius goes to snoop about and inspects Sofia’s dad’s staff. The dad is pissed. Cranky.
  • Arthur brings Sofia back to the castle and gets a flirty kiss. Morgana confronts the lying liar who lies. Sofia of course accuses her of liking Arthur. “Jealousy is such an unattractive trait in a woman.” In a man too, I would say. Although, in this case Morgana is only trying to SAVE HIS STUPID LIFE. People suck.
  • Sofia and her father have an intriguing convo. Enchantment?  “Rid us of our mortal shells?” Hmmm. Morgana confronts Arthur, and Arthur accuses her of being jealous. HATE. Stupid boy. Arthur laughs at her. I officially HATE him now. She, fittingly, tells him that she likes him less and less by the second. Me too.
  • Arthur asks Merlin to cover for him again. Merlin grossly wants the dirt. He is such a … I will refrain from finishing that sentence. Cut to Arthur in the stocks again. Dumb boy. Again, why didn’t he hide?  I’m sure that King Giles has better things to do than search for his son or his son’s servant … like run his frakin’ kingdom?!
  • Arthur and Sofia: Shey starts spell-casting again. Red eyes! Agh.  Now Arthur has red eyes too.
  • Gaius fears that Morgana is a seer. Merlin is concerned and doubtful and stupid: “Maybe she just looked like Sofia.” Yeah, right.
  • Sofia and Arthur. She says that there are some who don’t want them to be together. She tells him to seek permission for them to marry. Uh oh. Kiss. Ass Arthur is in a zombie like state, so it is a pathetic kiss.
  • Sofia tells her father that Arthur is ready. He says that he must go to the elders. Who? Merlin follows him. Merlin sure is a busybody. Sofia’s dad calls to the lake and seeks an audience with the She (?) Elders. A bunch of lights float up, and Merlin’s eyes change to a gold color. He gets really happy. Then we see fairies. Confused
  • Male fairy says that the gates of Avalon remain closed for taking the life of a She Elder. The daughter is prohibited from returning too, unless they can offer the soul of an immortal prince. It’s Arthur. Merlin is concerned.
  • Merlin tells Gaius about Avalon, and typically misses the point (can’t rememember why I wrote that, but I’m sure I had reason). Gaius: “I’m afraid Morgana’s dream has come true.” Yeah, maybe you should have listened to her, jerk.
  • King Giles laughs at his son’s love. Hee. “Guards … door,” the king says nonchalantly. Hee. Sofia and Alfric (yah, he finally has a name) are arrested, and King Giles goes a step further to call for the executioner. Then chickens out and releases them. Darn. I never took the king for a wimp. Disappointing. Morgana tells King Giles about the danger of Sofia. Morgana wisely chooses to not tell the king about her dreams. Poor Morgana. To be so beautiful, magical, right, and so misunderstood.
  • Arthur is an ass to Merlin. Merlin tells Arthur that he’s enchanted. Merlin tells him that he saw the evil duo up to no good, and followed them to the Lake. “Sofia plans to sacrifice you to buy a life of immortality.” Merlin sees Arthur’s red eyes. Alfric hits Merlin with the power of his magic staff. Hee.
  • Morgana sees what’s happening and tries to do something. She goes to Gaius, who has changed his tune.
  • Awww, Sofia and her dad have a touching father-daughter moment. She cries because she has to leave her father. I’m touched, even though they’re evil. Arthur remains in his zombie state, sans the eating brains part. Merlin races towards them.
  • Merlin steals Alfric’s staff. Then heads out into the lake to save Arthur, who is drowning, in case you forgot. I kinda forgot to care. Oh, hurrah, he’s saved. I’m so amazed. King Arthur will live into adulthood, who would have imagined?
  • Back at the castle, Gaius and Merlin tend to the prince at his bedside. Arthur’s head hurts. There was a girl. Yeah, genius. He starts to remember his idiocy. “What was I thinking?!?” Yeah, exactly.
  • The gorgeous Morgana is too good for Arthur. King Giles manages to blame Merlin for everything. Well, he DID play his part. Arthur says that he went for a hunt. Blames Merlin again. Gaius assures King Giles that he’s looking into Merlin’s mental affliction. Ha! Good luck with that.
  • Morgana goes to Gaius and somehow manages to abstain from bitching him and Merlin out. Gaius continues to drug the poor girl. “She must never find out the truth.” Hate. “It must remain a secret.” This show IS just like Smallville. Look in another direction for help, honey.
  • Cut to Morgana waking up from another dream. Uh oh.
  • Next week, saving a little boy instead of Arthur. That will be a nice change, possibly.

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  1. January 20, 2011 8:01 pm

    What do you think now about where it has gone? At least season 3 was an improvement over 2.

    Here is my take on season 3 with lots of pics and a little wit if you are interested:

    • January 22, 2011 11:02 am

      Yeah, I lost track of the show once it moved to SyFy. There was just too much else on, and SyFy didn’t post the videos. I will have to catch-up on dvd.

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