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“Umm-hmm.” Joss talks about Dollhouse Season 2

July 22, 2009

Tahmoh.Joss.ElizaClick on the link below to enjoy another interview with Joss about Dollhouse season 2, courtesy of TV Guide Magazine.  There are some spoilery bits, so be warned.  Look forward to scary Adele, the uncovering of people’s pasts, slow spiraling into moral ambiguity, and possibly THE ATTIC! Here’s a little preview from the interview:

What is the former Fed Paul Ballard up to signing on to the Dollhouse? He was a good guy last season.

He’s going to definitely be more intimately connected to the house but that doesn’t mean that he’s completely lost his way. Yet.

Are you implying that he’ll be so deep underground that he’ll start to identify with what he’s enmeshed in?


Among the several big shockers last season: Amy Acker’s character is not a Dollhouse doctor, she’s a Doll. Acker’s in a new show [ABC’s Happy Town]. Is she back at all?

Even though Happy Town only has a seven-episode order, we could only get her for three episodes. Networks cooperating with each other is not how that works. We do have some things in store to shake up her world a little bit. The question will come up, how do you live your life once you find out that’s who you are. It might make you a little bit nuts.

Adele doesn’t run everything, does she?

She may not be the boss of everyone but she’s definitely the scariest person in the room. And we get to see some of that Everybody else in the House is afraid of Adele. There’s a reason for that.

Is she a Doll?

I ain’t saying.

Will we get to see that damned attic?

We may just have a visit.

Will there be more Doctor Horrible?

I believe, there will. Yes.

TV Guide Magazine | News | A Guided Tour of Dollhouse Season 2

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