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The Ugly Truth: Quick Review

July 31, 2009

ugly-truth This movie should have been called “The Ugly Lie.” All of the characters are lying to themselves and others, especially when purporting to be “telling it like it is.” I usually love chick flicks (I loved 27 Dresses), but this was the CHEESIEST movie ever! And NOT in a good way. There is a particular scene in a restaurant that was so over the top that I just had to roll my eyes the whole way through. I left the theater a little pissed that Hollywood thinks viewers are such morons. The fact that Katherine Heigl was a producer on this film makes me lose a little respect for her intellect. She told Vanity Fair that her previous film Knocked up was “a little bit sexist,” but I don’t think her definition of sexism or feminism is the same as mine. I didn’t find Knocked Up to be sexist, and it was funny as hell. The Ugly Truth, however, presented such stereotypical views of gender roles that I felt like I was watching something made in the 80s. The movie was so confused as to what message about gender roles it was sending that the message was completely lost. Not that every movie needs to send a message, but there wasn’t enough humor or romance to back up the lack of substance. That said, Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler are both gorgeous and talented actors … wasted potential.

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