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Merlin: “The Moment of Truth”

August 16, 2009

Here is my live-blog for Merlin 1×10, edited & with comments:Uther

  • We begin the episode with a town being ransacked. It turns out that this is Merlin’s hometown, and we meet Merlin’s mom. She goes to Camelot to appeal to King Giles for aid.  She explains that she already appealed to their king, but he doesn’t care. Not shockingly at all, King Giles denies aid, because he can’t risk his political relationship with the other kingdom.  Apparently Merlin’s hometown was in another kingdom.  King Giles really needs to work on unifying Britain, rather than beheading sorcerers.  Just think how many neighboring kingdoms he could have conquered, if he only put half as much concentration into conquering as he does in ferreting out magic.
  • Arthur and Merlin have a heart to heart. Merlin tells Arthur that he’s going back to wherever-it’s-called. Arthur understands, and says goodbye: “Well, you’ve been terrible. I’m serious, the worst servant I’ve ever had.” Merlin says thanks.  Awww.  They’re so in love.
  • Gwen gives Merlin a sword. Then Morgana & Gwen say that they’re going to help, and are coming along for the journey. They remain the awesomest people in Camelot.
  • Gaius gives Merlin supplies, and that’s the end of him in this episode.
  • Merlin and company are on the road. The mom is concerned about these women coming. Whatever. They make camp at night. Oh, that’s certain to go well. Merlin hears a noise, and gets up to investigate. Don’t you know that’s how people die?  Oh, it’s Arthur.  Hee.
  • Next morning they head out again, and then we cut to bad guys ransacking another village the same village.  (Geez, how many times do you have to raid a village to get all its goods? How about some efficiency, marauders.)  One of the barbarian guys finds food that the villagers had hidden. Uh oh. Somehow Arthur, Merlin, and company ride up and save them. Canaan (sp?), the lead bad guy, leaves, but I’m sure he’ll be back. One of the townsfolk (later revealed to be Will) starts kidding with Merlin: “Still up to the same old magic tricks?”  Clearly they’re old friends, and surprisingly he knows about Merlin’s powers.  Arthur starts giving directions to the crowd, and tension ensues between Will and Arthur. The gist: “Who are you to come in here and start bossing us around.”  I’m Prince Arthur.”  “Who cares?”  Hee.
  • Merlin defends Arthur to Will. Will’s all, “Yeah yeah yeah. B.S.” Merlin is all, “But I love him, with an endless love.” Literally, however, he says: “I trust Arthur with my life.”
  • Arthur and Merlin have another heart to heart. Merlin talks about his childhood, during which he had to sleep on the floor.  Arthur: “It must have been hard.”  Merlin: “Yeah, it was rock.”  Arthur: “I didn’t mean the bed.”  Suddenly this sounds dirty. The writers have to be doing this stuff on purpose, right?
  • Will and Merlin talk, and some back story is revealed. Will found out about Merlin’s magic, and Merlin’s mom was very upset and sent him away. Will assures him that he would never tell anyone. Then they argue about whether Merlin hiding away with Arthur in Camelot is the best life choice for him.  Will: “Are you telling me that you would rather use your magic for Arthur’s sake than to help your friends and family?” Merlin tacitly says yes.
  • Cut to Arthur training all the local boys.  Gwen and Morgana approach, and say that they think that the women should fight too. I’m a pacifist, but proto-feminism for the win!
  • A townsman whom Arthur appointed as watchman returns dead on horseback, with an arrow in his back. Will takes the opportunity to rail against Arthur: “This is a battle that can’t be won … you don’t have a chance … blah blah blah.”
  • Merlin tries to convince Will to stay, but it’s a no go. Will is bitter that Merlin left, and that he won’t use his magic to help: “ I’m not the one abandoning these people, Merlin. You are.”  Burn.
  • Morgana and Gwen repeat their claims about the women fighting, and win!  Arthur gives a boring speech. Whatever. Everyone cries out: “For Ealgor (sp?)!” (over and over).
  • Finally, we’re nearing the battle. Battle begins. Merlin uses his magic. Will jumps in and saves Merlin.  As they have a touching moment, my sister interjects: “Enough Socializing!” Hee.  Unlike the characters, my sister realizes that there’s still a battle going on: “Use your magical powers. Who’s gonna see you in all this chaos?!” Hee. Merlin then begins using his powers, making a sandstorm.  I know from ancient history that such a thing works in battles–not the magic part, but the sandstorm part.
  • Canann yells “PENDRAGON!!!”  He and Arthur square off in one-to-one combat. Oh, who will win?  I’m so NOT in suspense.  Arthur makes a killing blow. Goodbye Kanen (I looked up the spelling on IMDB). Arthur asks Merlin and Will about the magical wind, and then Kanen get up to get in one last crossbow shot. He kills the heroic Will. Goodbye Will, I knew you were a goner from the beginning.
  • Oops, I jumped the gun. Will is not yet dead, as he gets to have a touching and long death scene. He takes the credit for the sorcery.  Smooth.  Arthur is very un-Uther like, and is compassionate.  Arthur says that he is sorry. Merlin continues Will’s lie. Arthur is mad that Merlin didn’t tell him about his friend: “You know how dangerous magic is. You shouldn’t have kept this from me Merlin.”
  • Merlin’s mom is anxious to get rid of him, and tells him that he’d better get going.  She then repeats the “You’re two sides of the coin,” line.  Sensing a theme.  THE END

Another episode, “The Labyrinth of Gedref,” aired right after this one.  I will post that recap tomorrow.  As always, please comment below.

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