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Merlin: “The Labyrinth of Gedref”

August 17, 2009

Here is my live-blog for Merlin 1×11, edited with comments:Merlin white wizard

  • Hunting. Arthur tells Merlin to go in and flush it out, because it might be dangerous. Hee. UNICORN!!!! Hurrah. Merlin is clearly a virgin, as the unicorn lets him come up close. Arthur shoots it. WHAT?!?! Merlin fails to help the poor unicorn. Arthur: “Don’t be such a girl Merlin.” Oh, I see.  This week Arthur is back to being an ass–and a misogynistic one at that.  I can’t keep up, as he’s so up and down. Gandalf the White approaches in the background.
  • Back at the castle, Arthur continues to be an ass. Arthur complains about rat droppings in his chambers. “You need to spend less time worrying about unicorns, and more time worrying about rats.”  Hee.merlin-unicorn
  • King Giles calls for Arthur, and reveals that the crops have all died. It happened overnight. Oh, what in the world could the reason be? Arthur really shouldn’t go around killing unicorns.  Idiot.
  • Oh, King Giles found new people to execute. Beware looters. Gwen is wearing a red riding hood. She’s pumping the water but it comes out as sand. Uh oh.  (Also, she is such an underused character lately, don’t you think?)
  • Merlin is trying to use magic, and for once Gaius doesn’t dissuade him. Unfortunately, it requires more powerful magic than Merlin possesses.  How convenient.
  • Arthur to Merlin: “So you have been outwitted by a rat?”   Pretty much.  Arthur and Merlin see Gandalf the White again. He’s the keeper of the unicorns. He has a message for Arthur: “You alone are responsible for the misfortune that has befallen Camelot.” Duh. Gandalf disappears. Arthur must fulfill tests, or Camelot will be damned for all eternity. Harsh.
  • Gaius and Merlin talk. Then they drink Merlin’s bathwater. Hee.
  • Merin and Arthur talk. Unicorn-killer Arthur is defensive. He tells Merlin that you can’t trust a single word that a sorcerer says. Arthur has a stupid plan, which involves them waiting around late at night. Merlin’s red scarf still makes no sense. Oooh, someone’s coming. Who could it be? A man named Evan is caught stealing grain. Arthur reminds him that King Giles has declared that all looters be executed. Arthur is a softie though, and lets the looter go, with the grain. That must have been the first test.
  • Water is back! Everyone drinks.
  • Merlin states what we already know: Arthur passed the first test.
  • Merlin uses his magic to kill the rat. My sister says sweetly: “Maybe he just made it leave or something.” (She is proved wrong later)
  • Morgana is wearing fur again. Maybe it’s winter, but if that’s true, everyone else must be freezing as she’s the only one dressed for cold weather.
  • Merlin makes stew for Arthur, and lies about the identity of the meat, saying it’s pork.  Ick, I can see where this is going.  Arthur learns the truth, and Merlin cautions: “Try not to think about it.” Too late, Merlin.  Too late. Then poor Morgan comes in asking for food.
  • Out in the woods. Gandalf is there. Then there’s the looter from the first test. He says, “You didn’t really believe that story, did you?!” He goes on to criticize Arthur, saying that he shames his father. Man continues to taunt Arthur as they begin fighting. Then he turns into Gandalf: “Why did you kill this man?”   I totally missed the killing blow.  Looks like Arthur failed the second test. Gandalf: “You have shown that you will kill a man to defend your pride.”
  • Merlin waxes poetic about Arthur’s good qualities. What else is new. Now they’re eating beetles. Ewww.
  • Arthur and King Giles discuss how the people won’t survive for long. They argue about giving out food. I bet you can figure out who wanted to distribute food, and who wanted to hoard it for his army (too bad his army isn’t out, I don’t know, unifying England).  Arthur, “I cannot think of my pride, when my people go hungry.” Ooh, now Arthur might pass the test. We shall see.
  • Arthur feels guilty. Blah blah blah.
  • Merlin goes out to the woods to call for the White Wizard. Merlin tries to convince him to lift the curse. Wizard has a very scary eyebrow. Just saying. He offers another test for Arthur, and then disappears.
  • Labyrinth!!! Princess Bride Test!!!  Ooh, this show is combining two of my favorite 80s movies.  Wizard: “What it proves is for you to decide.”  Kind of an awesome sentiment.  There are two goblets full of liquid; one is poisoned.  Arthur is Vizzini, and Merlin is the Dread Pirate Roberts–or the other way around.  Or is Gandalf Vizzini?  Arthur: “It’s perfectly simple. One of us has to die.” The boys fight about who will drink which cup. Arthur pulls a Vizzini, shouting “Look!” The crafty (or suicidal, depending on how you look at it)prince then puts the contents of both goblets into one glass and drinks. Arthur’s love for Merlin is truly an endless love. Arthur keels over, and the wizard explains that Arthur is not dead, but merely took a sleeping draught. Arthur has proved what is truly in his heart, and the curse will be lifted. Hah, Merlin just got Punk’d.
  • Arthur goes to the wood to mourn the unicorn, and they see another unicorn. Gandalf’s voice-over: “When he who kills a unicorn proves himself to be pure of heart, the unicorn will live again.” Aww, sweet.
  • Next week is the season finale! Again, starting at 7pm.  Again, two episodes in a row.

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