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Merlin: “To Kill the King”

August 23, 2009

UtherHere’s my live-recap for Merlin 1×12, edited with comments.  You may want to stop reading if you have yet to watch the episode.

  • Gwen’s dad gives her something. He seems to be afraid. Then he goes to meet a cloaked man, who says “Is it prepared?” Gwen’s dad shows him some kind of melted metal. I don’t really know what’s going on, and I kind of don’t care.  All of a sudden Arthur comes in and arrests Gwen’s dad. Uh oh.
  • Merlin wakes up and is all intense. Was this all a dream? Nope. Gwen rushes in to let Arthur know about her father’s arrest.
  • OMG, Morgana is wearing fur AGAIN. Will this personalized fake winter never end?
  • Gwen goes to visit her dad in the dungeon, and gets the story. Not weapons but experiment. He used some kind of stone, some kind of magic. I’m pretty confused, but I’m going to assume that’s the the Sorcerer’s Stone. Gwen finds the stone.
  • Morgana is worried about Gwen. She and Merlin talk, and Morgana says that there’s no hope.  Way to be pessimistic realistic.  “None at all,” she continues.
  • Then we see Morgana, sans fur, sneaking into Arthur’s room to get keys to the dungeon.  Ooh, is she going to help him escape?  She goes down to dungeon to talk to Gwen’s daddy.  She surreptitiously passes him the key.  Uh oh.   I don’t think this will go well, as Gwen’s dad is not the brightest crayon in the box.
  • Cut to more people being led off to be executed.  Said prisoners are guilty of giving the sorcerer a bed for the night.  This does not bode well.
  • Gwen’s dad attempts to escape, but the silly man managed to leave the key in the lock. (I shouldn’t have worried, as Morgana and Arthur are not suspected–thought that was where the story was going, but wrong.)
  • Kinda stopped paying attention for a minute, and it seems Gwen’s dad is dead.  But what happened?  These are the kind of moments when I wish I had a dvr.
  • Morgana confronts King Giles, and is VERY frank about her disapproval.  King Giles replies, “You speak treason, Morgana.”   Morgana zings back, “Only a madman hears the truth as treason.”  Oooh, good one.  Except, he puts her in the dungeon … so maybe not the smartest response.  Rather than being contrite, Morgana is still pissed. She kind of lost all her common sense this episode.
  • Arthur comes in to tell Gwen that her job is safe.  He feels bad. I guess he’s the good guy this episode.  I can’t keep track.  He always has good cheekbones though.  Arthur continues: “Anything you want, anything you need, all you have to do is ask.”  Oooh, is there romance in their future? What about Merlin and Gwen?  What about Merlin and Arthur?  Hmm.
  • Arthur goes to see Morgana, who is quite prickly.  Is she infected by the stone or something?  She’s acting crazy!  Arthur tells her that he swore to King Giles that she learned her lesson, and  won’t defy him again.  Morgana is sort of grateful.  She thanks him and says that he’s a better man than his father.
  • Morgana goes back to her room and Gwen is there.  Gwen plays dumb about why Morgana was imprisoned.  Wise up lady.  The two have a little bonding moment.  Gwen tells Morgana about Tauron’s threats.  Morgan lies, and says that she will send the guards.  I think she’ll be sending herself.
  • Merlin wakes and we see Morgana sneaking out of the castle at the same time.  Someone’s going to spy.  Morgana meets with armed men, including sorcerer Tauron, and gives  them the stone.  They tell her she’s foolish, and I agree.  Merlin listens on, and hears about a plot to kill Uther.  He also hears Morgana agree to help.  Hmm.  I don’t believe that Morgana really wants to kill Uther–I think she has a plan up her sleeve [I’m only half right].
  • Yay, Merlin’s going down to see the dragon.  Those scenes are always fun.  But still, with the red scarf.  Agh!!!  Enough already.  Merlin asks for help, but the dragon is wise to Merlin’s ways after last week: “But this time, will you heed my words?”  Merlin is an idiot and takes Morgana’s interchange on its face [Well, I’m sort of the idiot here–but since in the end Morgana did the right thing, only slightly].  The dragon points out that King Giles sucks: “Only if Uther dies, can magic return to the land […] Fulfill  your destiny […] Free this land from tyranny Merlin.”  Methinks the dragon has a personal interest in this [and I’m not wrong].
  • Morgana and King Giles in the dining hall.  She comes in, ostensibly to apologize.  Pretty dress.  Morgana relates to Gwen’s loss: “I know what it’s like to lose a father.”  King Giles: “I had no part in his death.”  Morgana: “You sent him to his death.”  King Giles is visibly shaken, and actually looks like he feels bad. Shocker.
  • Merlin asks Gaius if Giles is a good king.  Gaius says yes.  He explains, “Tis not Uther’s job to be liked. It is Uther’s job to protect his kingdom.”  True.  Merlin points out the whole “off with their heads” mentality, but Gaius is not swayed.  Merlin reminds Gaius that everything will get better once Arthur is king: “Why not let that time be now?”  Stop tantalizing us Merlin, as we know you’re not going to kill the king.  Enough already.  Gaius points out that Arthur lacks experience and judgment, etc.  He’s not wrong.
  • King Giles and Morgana talk. I have a sudden surge of love for the old guy, as he really looks like he cares for her. Morgana meanwhile, looks very troubled.
  • Cut to hooded Morgan, who goes to meet Tauron.  She says, “Uther’s fallen for the bait … More than ever, I want Uther dead.”  I don’t believe her, and I think Merlin’s an idiot to [Again, I’m only half wrong].
  • Gwen comes into the room where Merlin is staring out the window.  An odd exchange ensues, which begins to strengthen Merlin in his murderous thoughts.  He asks her what she would do, if she had the power of life and death over Uther.  He asks if she would end Uther’s life.  She says “No!” because she’s a sane person.
  • Cut to Morgana and King Giles on their outing.  She wants privacy.  Uh oh.
  • Arthur followed them, and meets up with the bad guys.  He uses his magic staff (did he steal it from Sofia’s dad from that episode weeks ago?) to kill one of the bad guys–or at least disable him.  The repercussions are left gray.
  • King Giles and Morgana continue to have their personal moment.  He waxes poetic about Morgana’s father and how amazing he was: “Truth, justice, valor. […]  His courage and his honor were without equal. […] I lost the truest friend I ever had.”  He also references that his former friend wasn’t afraid to question him.  Morgana: “I know how he respected you.”  King Giles: “You challenge me as a friend, as your father did in his time.”  Morgana points out that she got clapped in irons for that.  Also a good point.  Morgana: “Are you saying you were wrong to have Tom killed?”  The king admits, “Yes.”  Wow.
  • Meanwhile, Merlin uses his magic staff against Tauron, but the sorcerer has a stone to deflect it back to Merlin. Merlin is knocked out.
  • Sweet scene continues.  King Giles: “Without you I can’t help to be the king this land deserves. Please forgive me Morgana.”  Wow.  Quite a turn for the cranky king.  Cue bad guy jumping Uther, but Morgana stabs him–she’s hard core like that.  She’s wearing vibrant vert again this episode (shoutout Pae).  King Giles and Morgana embrace, and it’s very sweet.
  • Gaius jibes Merlin: “I suppose you had nothing to do with it?”  Gaius is proud of Merlin.  Aww, I’m proud of Morgana–unsung heroine.
4 Comments leave one →
  1. Pae Pae permalink
    August 27, 2009 1:56 pm

    YAY Vert!!!!!!!!!!!! hehe

    • heroine_tv permalink
      August 27, 2009 2:51 pm

      Just for you 🙂

  2. francesca permalink
    September 8, 2009 3:22 pm

    ha ha, it’s funny how you didn’t think morgana was serious about wanting uther dead. while i was watching it i could totally tell that she was being serious. but i’m glad she didn’t go throught with it as that would make her a killer and all.

    • heroine_tv permalink*
      September 8, 2009 7:32 pm

      You’re clearly far wiser than me, and I clearly have a blind-spot where Morgana is concerned.

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