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Greek: “The Day After”

September 7, 2009

If you missed the season 3 opener of Greek, aired August 31st, 2009, here’s a link to view the full episode: ABC Family: Greek: The Day After.Greek

If you’ve seen the episode, keep on reading for my thoughts on the premiere:

  • I was already long over Max, and don’t miss him one bit. That may make me a bad person, but no worse than Casey, who also does not seem to miss him one bit.  At least Rusty misses him.
  • The break-up song, sung by the ZBZ sisters to Casey was hilarious! I wonder if sororities really do such a thing?
  • Casey stealing the keys from the security guard was awesome. Who knew she had such skills?
  • Rebecca Logan and Evan Chambers are my new favorite couple, who aren’t really a couple.  I loved when Rebecca had the flowers delivered to herself, with the blatant E.C.- signed card, and the girls couldn’t figure out who had sent them.  “E.C.?  Edward Cullen?”  Hee.  Ashley was hilarious: “You don’t have to worry about Casey and the girl code. I can think of a million other reasons you’d want to keep this a secret.” Ashley continued the hilarity throughout the episode, making pointed comments.  After Becs lied to Ash about Ethan secretly being in love with her this whole time, Ash’s reaction was priceless: “It makes more sense than dating Franny.” Ha!  Also: “I keep replaying your conversations with what I know now. It’s like watching The Sixth Sense for the 2nd time.”
  • Poor Dale broke his purity pledge.  Ah, well.  And then the marriage proposal? So sad.
  • Cappie was especially awesome in this episode, saving the day, etc.  I kept writing “Cappie is so wonderful” in my notes, and I’m not always a Cappie lover.
  • I loved all the spy costumes, especially Rebecca as Sidney Bristow—wearing my favorite Alias wig!!!  Also, Evan’s dead-pan delivery: “I’m Jason Bourne.”  Hee.  But Calvin as the Terminator, using an Austrian accent may have topped them all.
  • We had to wait until the very end of the episode for the night before flashback. We learned that Evan swayed Cappie in not going after Casey.  Evan: “I’m tired just listening to it.”  True, but oh, how my love for Evan is being tested to the max right now.  Evan: “You know how it felt to lose her once. Do you really want to go through that again?”  Oh, what will Cappie do?
  • The Rebecca and Fisher reveal at the end was pretty heart-breaking.  Poor Ash.
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