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Greek: “Our Fathers”

September 9, 2009

My thoughts on Greek 3×02:

Thomas Calabro as ex-Senator Logan

Thomas Calabro as ex-Senator Logan. Photo credit: Retna (Jaimie Trueblood / ABC)

  • “Spitter’s Study Zone” is my new favorite thing! So sweet. Also, Cappie is reading My sister’s Keeper? Priceless.
  • ZBZ Father-Daughter Weekend was both entertaining and a bit frightening. Loved meeting all the dads–especially Tom Amandes (Doc Abbot from Everwood) as Jordan’s dad. Also, that man can jump-rope. Who knew?
  • As for the Rebecca-Fisher debacle, I enjoyed how it played out.  Glad that they didn’t drag out a Casey-Ash fight for multiple episodes.  Ashleigh continues to be the most awesome character on the show.  Also, I actually felt sorry for poor Rebecca.  She actually looked sincerely guilty for the first time.  I loved that Rebecca forthrightly tells Casey that she sold her out in order take some of the heat off herself.  Ah, Rebecca, that’s why I love you.
  • The dads trying to be hip was just too hilarious. “OMD.”  Hee.  Casey: “It’s like they’ve all been reading Tiger Beat.”
  • I really enjoy Thomas Calabro (remembered fondly as Michael Mancini on Melrose Place) as Rebecca’s senator daddy.  Also, loved that he calls her Becky.  “I had a best friend once. Then I lured him into a Ponzi scheme that destroyed his life. Then I slept with his wife.”  Ha!
  • It was just difficult to watch Rusty being so nervous around Jordan’s dad, and making so many mistakes.  Then the tackle at the end just about did me in. Sigh.
  • Gross dad who said “Anyone else turned on right now?” during girl-fight skeeved me out big time.  He said none of them were his daughters.  Then why was he there? Ick.  But the dads trying to blame the girls’ problems on P.M.S. was almost worse.
  • Ashleigh dumped Fisher: “It’s over…. How can I trust you again? I can’t.”  But will it last?  Poor Ash crying in bed. “I guess I’m not cool enough to stay with my boyfriend after he cheats on me.” Ouch.
  • I didn’t really care about Dale and Cappie’s storyline with Catholic girl Mary Elise.  Oh well.
  • All in all, this season is amazing so far, and we’re only two episodes in.  I’ve become hooked all over again.
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  1. September 13, 2009 8:43 pm

    “Our Fathers” was such a great episode, and this season is shaping up to be the best so far.

    I thought it was about time Fischer got dumped and it was also a great portrayal of how it gets when parents show up at college (especially dads). Some particularly funny things were Rebecca’s dad and all his hypnotist/psycho analyst gibberish, and Rusty taking out Jordy’s dad during the football game.

    Also glad to hear the song “Telling Lies” by Great Northern in the last episode, which played near the end when Casey gets all the dad’s to reconcile. Such a fitting song for the episode. There’s a video clip of that scene posted at :

    • heroine_tv permalink*
      September 13, 2009 8:57 pm

      Yeah, I definitely agree. Also, I wasn’t familiar with the song before viewing the episode, so thanks for providing the YouTube link.

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