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NASHVILLE: “All or Nothing with Me”

May 28, 2014
Photo Credit: ABC/Mark Levine.

Photo Credit: ABC/Mark Levine.

Read on for Johnni’s recap of Nashville episode 221, originally aired May 7, 2014:

Nashville’s “All or Nothing with Me” is the last episode before the highly anticipated season two finale. This episode was touching and full of secrets and good music. Let’s dive in!

Picking up where we left off last episode, Juliette cries in the shower after she realizes that sleeping with Jeff was a terrible idea. Seriously, just when things were starting to get better, Juliette had to have sex with another gross guy. Not so surprisingly, Jeff tries to use their little one night stand against her and blackmail her into coming back to Edgehill. So far, Juliette hasn’t given in, but who knows what’s going to happen when Jeff threatens to tell Avery (which we know he will eventually do).

In Rayna’s world, Luke is injured while in Afghanistan on a trip to sing for the troops. Luckily he is okay and Rayna saves the day by suggesting a concert for the troops in Nashville to make up for the concert he missed overseas (the video will be transmitted to the troops overseas). After Rayna invites Juliette to play in the concert event, Luke freaks out and is a total jerk. Luke then overhears Juliette talking to the troops about her father dying while in the military and has a change of heart. In fact, he actually sings a duet with Juliette and it is awesome!  Read more…


NASHVILLE: “Your Good Girl’s Gonna Go Bad”

May 28, 2014
Photo Credit: ABC/Mark Levine.

Photo Credit: ABC/Mark Levine.

Read on for Johnni’s recap of Nashville episode 2×20, originally aired April 30, 2014:

Nashville is back! “Your Good Girl’s Gonna Go Bad” is all about Scarlett, and there’s lots of drama. This episode begins where we left off, as Scarlett falls on stage and has a total meltdown. Avery picks her up and takes her to the medic, and then they all fly home. When Scarlett lands in Nashville (after being sedated), Rayna is mad at Juliette and Deacon is mad at Rayna. Hello, drama!

Throughout the episode, blame shifts back and forth about why Scarlett is in the hospital and who is responsible. The truth: Scarlett couldn’t handle performing, so she drank and took pills. What pushed her over the edge? Her crazy mom, Beverly. After waking up and panicking again when she sees her mother, Scarlett finally begins to calm down. Rayna manages to talk to her and convince her to give the hospital at least 24 hours.

In addition to Scarlett coming to terms with her own problems, there are some seriously intense fights this week. Deacon and Rayna fight about Rayna not being able to protect Scarlett (which is super sad). Deacon then fights with his sister Beverly, who blames him for her horrible life. Luckily, Deacon decides he will support Scarlett no matter what she chooses to do next—even if his sister isn’t on board with that plan.  Read more…


April 15, 2014
Photo Credit: ABC/Mark Levine.

Photo Credit: ABC/Mark Levine.

Read on for Johnni’s recap of Nashville episode 2×19, originally aired April 2, 2014:

In “Crazy,” Maddie’s secret is finally out in the open and it isn’t good for anyone. The aftermath of Maddie posting her singing video (even though she took it down as fast as possible) with the name “Maddie Claybourne” on it is crazy. Yes, even more insane than when Juliette slept with a married man (*cough* Charlie Wentworth *cough*). The press has taken the Rayna Jaymes’ love child story and run with it. The only way to fix it? Tell the truth!

As Rayna tries to find Deacon, in order to present a united front, Juliette tries to get back on country radio. She turns to Charlie Wentworth to help her, but only after Avery gives her his blessing. Charlie of course kisses Juliette, but she shuts him down. Yay, Juliette! Unfortunately, Charlie doesn’t take no for an answer; he shows up at Juliette’s concert and tells Avery he hasn’t won yet. Yikes.

In the music realm, Gunnar gets his first royalty check—and it’s a big one! In order to celebrate, he pays for Zoey to finally have a real demo. This sets Zoey up with the tools she needs to become a real backup singer. The good news: Zoey can actually present herself to record labels and have a good chance at booking a gig. The bad news: She wants to go to Los Angeles for a better shot at singing. Poor Gunnar, always getting left in the dust.  Read more…

NASHVILLE: “Your Wild Life’s Gonna Get You Down”

April 2, 2014
Photo Credit: ABC/Mark Levine.

Photo Credit: ABC/Mark Levine.

Read on for Johnni’s recap of Nashville episode 2×18, originally aired Wednesday, March 26, 2014:

“Your Wild Life’s Gonna Get You Down” is full of Nashville drama … and not the good kind. As a result of Juliette coming onto the Highway 65 label, Rayna’s single is failing on the charts. In order to try (without very much success) to fix the problem, Rayna sends Scarlett on Juliette’s tour. Avery also joins the tour to work on Scarlett’s album. Juliette is not a fan of this plan, at all.

Juliette is continuing to rebuild her image and works her butt off on stage this week. She gets jealous of Avery working so closely with Scarlett, of course, and yells at Scarlett for not performing to her standards. Scarlett sticks to her guns and decides to perform a soft ballad (which is beautiful), even after Juliette threatens her. In the end, Juliette talks it out with Avery and admits that she trusts him but she is scared of their relationship. Aw, Juliette just loves him so much!

Scarlett freaks out when Juliette comes to talk to her after their Seattle concert. Juliette tells Scarlett that she won’t let her leave the tour because she has talent. Unfortunately, Scarlett continues to use drugs as a crutch and Juliette is starting to notice (or at least suspect it). It’s only a matter of time until Scarlett loses all control.  Read more…

NASHVILLE: “We’ve Got Things To Do”

March 26, 2014
Photo Credit: ABC/Mark Levine.

Photo Credit: ABC/Mark Levine.

Read on for Johnni’s recap of Nashville episode 2×17, originally aired Wednesday, March 12, 2014:

“We’ve Got Things To Do” is all about the music collaborations, deals and dilemmas. As Rayna is continuing to build up Highway 65, things are getting wild in the rest of the music world. Zoey tries her hand at back up singing and auditions for a tour, but she doesn’t get it. Gunnar is trying to accept the fact that their band isn’t really happening, while Avery is struggling with what to do next with his career.

In bigger news, Juliette gets more and more upset throughout the episode, after Rayna decides to keep their signing deal a secret for a little while. The secret doesn’t last long, obviously, because Juliette snaps and announces that she’s the newest member of Highway 65. Rayna gets upset, but manages to fix it (at least a little bit) and performs with Juliette at the Opry. The song is really good and I just love Rayna’s motherly guidance and belief in Juliette … even when Juliette loses her cool.

In case you missed the last episode of Nashville, Megan and Teddy slept together and now they’re trying to live with the guilt (at least Megan is). Teddy has no shame and follows Megan the whole episode trying to hook up with her again. Megan stays strong, but has yet to tell Deacon about the horrible mistake she made. Deacon is going to be heartbroken and might even try and kill Teddy (unlikely but I’m sure he will get in a few good punches).  Read more…


March 18, 2014
Photo Credit: ABC FAMILY/Ron Tom.

This week the Liars wore wedding dresses! Just another age-appropriate event for Rosewood’s favorite teenagers. Totally normal weekend activity for high-schoolers. And it really helped add some wardrobe variety to the traditional “Running in the woods from danger!” scene. Photo Credit: ABC FAMILY/Ron Tom.

Read on for Crissy’s recap of Pretty Little Liars episode 4×23, originally aired Tuesday, March 11, 2014:

The season finale is upon us! I, for one, am not ready to say goodbye to the brilliant insanity that has been season four of PLL. So let’s relive the penultimate episode before tonight, when we bid the PLLs farewell until the summer…

We open with a little flashforward action: Spencer in a wedding gown proving that veils are super annoying and only trip you up. She stops and we hear the clink-clank of a bear trap.

Back up 48 hours and the girls are having a pow-wow at The Grille: Spencer’s feeling guilty, Hanna’s feeling hungry, and they aren’t sure that Mrs. D is A. (And of course someone seems to be watching them through the window.) Spencer and Emily see Jason DiLaurentis, and he full-on ignores them. They go to chase him in Spence’s car, but it’s stuck. Just the usual car trouble: a strip of photos of a blonde girl, her face blacked out, and a message scrawled on for good measure: You know me, Spencer. You killed me.

On the phone with her mother, Aria gets an earful about her hotel partying and then, surprise! Ella is back!

At the Hastings household, Dean is still hanging out, and he wants to accompany Spence to talk to Jason and he wants more of her urine. Sobriety coaches are so demanding! Hanna’s mom is deep into planning the bridal charity party, and Han is in anti-Mrs. D mode.

Paige and Emily have a chat: Paige was dodging Em’s calls while she was visiting her grandparents, and Emily is in no-nonsense mode. (“All grandparents are old.”) Emily thinks that Paige is after revenge on Alison. I love it when Em’s mad.

Hanna wears her sparkliest jacket whilst talking to library-assistant Travis. He brushes off her attempt to make up for the epic date fail the other night.  Read more…

NASHVILLE: “Guilty Street”

March 10, 2014
I just really want Connie Britton to hug me. Move aside, Scarlett! Photo Credit: ABC/Mark Levine.

I just really want Connie Britton to hug ME. Move aside, Scarlett! Photo Credit: ABC/Mark Levine.

Read on for Johnni’s recap of Nashville episode 2×16, originally aired Wednesday, March 5, 2014:

Record deals, hookups, and feuds! This week’s episode of Nashville is nothing short of exciting. The episode begins with Juliette being pursued by numerous record labels. On the bright side: the music world hasn’t totally forgotten about her. The downside: every label that wants her would want to change her, and no Nashville labels want her at all—yikes.

While out to dinner with Avery, Jeff from Edgehill sends over a bottle of champagne, which Juliette rejects (obviously). Later on, Jeff officially makes her an offer to come back to Edgehill. He even throws in a deal for Avery to produce the record. Very enticing, but Jeff is a total jerk, which would never end well when it comes to Juliette’s music.

Avery’s storyline this week is bigger than ever. When it comes to his relationship with Juliette, things are going well until it becomes obvious that she always wants to pay the bill and “help” him. While she is considering the offer from Jeff, Avery freaks out because Jeff has no respect for her. Plus, Avery doesn’t want a handout when it comes to music. Luckily, Juliette turns down the deal with Edgehill because her relationship with Avery is more important. Seriously, I love this couple!  Read more…